Lillidale Virucidal Powder

Lillidale Virucidal Powder

  • Highly active virucidal disinfectant powder based on potentiated peroxy compounds providing effective biosecurity.
  • For use in cleaning and disinfecting industrial, animal and agricultural facilities.
  • DEFRA UK Approved for FM, Diseases of Poultry Orders, General Orders

 Foot and Mouth Disease                    1:1300

 Diseases of Poultry                            1:300

 General Orders                                   1:160

* Independently tested for use against the following diseases of livestock

 Avian Influenza                                   1:300 

 Newcastle Disease                              1:400

 Gumboro Disease                               1:250

 PRRSV                                                 1:300

 CSFV                                                    1:300

* Effectively controls virus, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds

* Kills bacteria in the presence of high organic soiling at dilutions as extreme as 1:750

* Well suited for medical, agricultural, domestic and municipal applications

* Suitable for use through aerial spray systems

* Formulated for either manual or machine use

* Low Toxicity (LD50 Rat > 3000mg/litre)

* Readily biodegradable into naturally occurring compounds

Application: As an extremely effective broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant for use in a wide variety of applications including veterinary, agricultural, aquaculture medical, domestic and municipal.

Available Size: 5kg