Lillidale Yellow Licks

Lillidale Yellow Licks

Analytical constituents:

Sodium 38%

Magnesium 0.1%


Sodium chloride, Magnesium oxide

Additives (per kg):

Trace Elements (Source in Brackets)

E2 Iodine (Calcium iodate anhydrous) 50mg;

E3 Cobalt (Cobaltous carbonate monohydrate) 100mg;

E5 Manganese (Manganous oxide) 100mg;

E1 Iron (Iron oxide) 200mg;

E6 Zinc (Zinc oxide) 120mg;

E8 Selenium (Sodium selenite) 40mg

Available Sizes: 4x5kg and 2x10kg

Lillidale Scour Paste

Lillidale Scour Paste

Dietetic feed supplement for calves designed to stabilise water and electrolyte balance and improve digestion.

Lillidale Scour Paste is rich in electrolytes –sodium, potassium, chlorides and easily digested carbohydrates.


  • Aids water and electrolyte balance
  • Helps to improve digestion
  • Reduces the presence of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Effective against Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Clostridium spp. microorganisms
  • Acts as a prebiotic
  • Strengthens the immune system

Mechanism of action of ingredients

Psyllium husk

  • Absorbs water in digestive tract
  • Regulates defecation and helps to eliminate toxins
  • Nutrient medium for intestinal microflora

Bentonite – Fine-grained clay

  • Cleans digestive tract from harmful substances
  • Absorbs toxins and heavy metals
  • Restores digestive tract microflora balance
  • Improves nutrients absorption
  • Strengthens immune system


  • Source of energy
  • Increases sodium absorption in intestine
  • Carries additional salts and water into cells

Oregano oil

  • Improves digestion, restores microflora of digestive tract, improves feed intake and increases its consumption
  • Has strong antimicrobial, anti-parasitic action, strengthens immune system

Sodium and Potassium Chloride

  • Restores liquids and acts as a detoxificant
  • Regulates water distribution and electrolyte balance in the body
  • Supports osmotic pressure and acid – base balance

How and When to use

When: Use immediately after the first signs of digestive disorder or diarrhoea.

What for: Should be used for both diarrhoea prevention and in case of digestive disorders or diarrhoea.

Method of administration: insert syringe into calf’s mouth and administer the entire contents onto tongue.

Dose: recommended to use one syringe once a day three days in a row.

Withdrawal time: not applicable.

Available Size: 20ml

Happy Tummy®


Happy Tummy® charcoal is a feed additive which is different from anything else on the market. Instead of adding chemicals (naturally occurring or otherwise) in an attempt to balance out or treat a problem, Happy Tummy® Charcoal simply removes the cause of the problem!


It does this by adsorbing acidic toxins from the horse’s (or animal’s) system and passing them out in the droppings. The removal of acidic toxins causes a beneficial re-balancing of the acidic / alkaline ratio in the horse’s system. A more alkaline system can then absorb more oxygen so that the horse’s immune system works better.


The end result is an overall improvement I n general health, condition, behavior and performance.


Happy Tummy® is made from pure natural hardwood charcoal harvested from a sustainable source. It is then processed using a scientific method that we have developed. This serves to increase its bioavailability.  Happy Tummy® is then ground to a size whereby its surface area is optimised for equines. It’s important to process it in this way because horses evolved to always be on the move and have quick digestive systems, so benefit most from this form of Happy Tummy®, which has a compatible adsorptive rate. Our charcoal is not ‘activated’. Activated charcoal is a super-adsorbent and is far too strong to use as a feed additive, since it can take out nutrients. It is an industrial product and not suitable as a regular feed additive.


Composed almost entirely of pure carbon, Happy Tummy® is chemically inert and doesn’t catalyse or take part in any chemical reactions. Its value lies in its unique ability to adsorb toxins. There is however, one further benefit which flows from using Happy Tummy® and this is its trace element content.

Being harvested from a semiarid environment the roots of the crop go very deep reaching down into unpolluted groundwater, which carries a host of vital trace elements which are very beneficial, if not vital, to a healthy life. Fed daily at a trickle level, Happy Tummy® provides the foundation for optimum health in equines and all creatures.

Available Sizes: 500gm, 0.9kg, 3.75kg, 7.8kg,24kg

Fine Fettle® Fly-Spray

Fine Fettle® Fly-Spray is an effective alkaline skin application made from a complex of herbs. Sprayed onto an animal’s skin, it forms a healthy barrier which helps counter fly bites and irritation.

Applied in dry weather our Fly- Spray can build up as a protective barrier on the skin to help to keep your horse’s skin healthy and relieve irritation from bites. Totally Natural— no oily residue!

Available Sizes: 0.5L, 1L

Full Spectrum Herbs

Full Spectrum Conditioning Herbs is a natural feed conditioner. It contains a mix of selected organic herbs that work synergistically to boost the immune system and help fortify the blood. It also helps strengthen cell walls and blood vessels. The result is improved condition, health and performance. Full Spectrum is suitable for all animals. Used in conjunction with Happy Tummy® charcoal, it provides a solid foundation for all animal health.

Available Sizes: 300gm, 500gm, 2kg


Skin Deep Ointment

Our balm is a moisturising & healing cream made from natural ingredients only. It is intended to help maintain good skin condition in both animals and humans. It has a slightly herbal aroma and is very soothing to the skin. In use on animals generally, it’s good for sunburn, rain-scald, dry and itchy patches of skin, sarcoidosis, scars, scuffs and abrasions. Very good for ‘gardeners’ hands, dry, cracked or itchy areas of skin, athlete’s foot and eczema type conditions.

Available Size: 130gm,190gm


Battles  is a wide range of equine and animal health products.

Product List:

CodeUnitProduct Name
2094450gBattles Stockholm Tar
21101kgBattles Stockholm Tar
21342.5kgBattles Stockholm Tar
21355kgBattles Stockholm Tar
214725kgBattles Stockholm Tar
22361kgBattles Copper Sulphate
2239450gBattles Copper Sulphate
22423kgBattles Copper Sulphate
225925kgBattles Copper Sulphate
2268150gBattles Foot Rot Aerosol
2270125gBattles Black Anti-Bacterial Powder
227320gBattles Veterinary Wound Powder
2281125gBattles Veterinary Wound Powder
2320400gBattles Summer Fly Cream
23621 litreBattles Strong Iodine Solution
2364500mlBattles Green Oils
2392500mlBattles Strong Iodine Spray
2393500mlBattles Strong Iodine Solution
23942 litreBattles Strong Iodine Solution
2408240mlBattles Saniphor
2409500mlBattles Iodine Spray
243090mlBattles Ewe Drink
2431150mlBattles Ewe Drink
24431 litreBattles Iodine Solution
2469500gBattles Obstetrical Lubricant
2472150gBattles Veterinary Antibacterial Aerosol
2474500mlBattles 10% Iodine Solution
24781 litreBattles 10% Iodine Solution
2482600gBattles Powdered Glucose
24873kgBattles Powdered Glucose
250425kgBattles Powdered Glucose
2505150gBattles Aeroclens Aerosol
2507240mlBattles Gentian Violet Spray
2512150mlBattles Twin Lamb Drench
2513500mlBattles Twin Lamb Drench
25141 litreBattles Twin Lamb Care
2521500mlBattles Stockaline
2588100Battles Ovaloid Capsules
2616250Battles Trace Element Tablets
2621500Battles Trace Element Tablets
26425 litreBattles Vitamin D3 Drench
264820kgBattles Zincoped
2687500mlBattles Clean & Guard
2730750gBattles Louse Powder
27314kgBattles Louse Powder
2732500mlBattles Animal Shampoo
27361 litreBattles Animal Shampoo
27442 litreBattles Animal Shampoo
27495 litreBattles Animal Shampoo
275325 litreBattles Animal Shampoo
2765900gBattles Cow Salve
27702kgBattles Cow Salve
27783.5kgBattles Cow Salve
27904kgBattles Brown Salve
2796400gBattles Udder Cream
28001.1 kgBattles Udder Cream
28045kgBattles Udder Cream
28221 litreBattles Ketosis Drench
2830200 gRingworm Ointment
2835450 gRingworm Ointment
28441kgBattles Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)
28523kgBattles Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)
286325kgBattles Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)
29274.5 litreBattles Dairy Fly Spray
2987250mlBattles Embrocation
2988500mlBattles Embrocation
2992500ml SprayBattles 10% Iodine Solution
3000500mlBattles Castor Oil
30035 litreBattles Castor Oil
30072 LitreBattles 10% Iodine Solution
3011120gBattles Chalk Powder
3015500mlBattles Raw Linseed Oil
30182 litreBattles Raw Linseed Oil
30225 litreBattles Raw Linseed Oil
302625 litreBattles Raw Linseed Oil
3037500mlBattles Witch Hazel
30385 litreBattles Witch Hazel
3039500mlBattles Glycerine B.P.
30445 litreBattles Glycerine B.P.
30461 litreBattles Surgical Spirit
305410 x 2kgBattles Salt Lick
305510 x 2kgBattles Salt Lick
305610 x 2kgBattles Salt Lick
305710 x 2kgBattles Salt Lick
305810 x 2kgBattles Salt Lick
3060500mlBattles Surgical Spirit
3075500mlBattles Liquid Paraffin B.P.
30835 litreBattles Liquid Paraffin B.P.
3090500mlBattles Cod Liver Oil
30945 litreBattles Cod Liver Oil
310122.5 litreBattles Cod Liver Oil
3107500gBattles Aremorica Powder
3133600gBattles Hoof Saver Biotin
3164500mlBattles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid
31681 litreBattles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid
3473350gBattles White Petroleum Jelly B.P.
3475900gBattles White Petroleum Jelly B.P.
34783.5kgBattles White Petroleum Jelly B.P.
34862kgBattles Genuine Soft Soap
35415 litreBattles Pine Disinfectant
354425 litreBattles Pine Disinfectant