Aintree Superbeet

Quick Soak Unmolassed Sugar Beet

A complimentary feedstuff for all Equines including Endurance and Performance
horses. Feed in conjunction with Forage(s) and other suitable feed ingredients

  • Super easy to use, and super quick soaking time
  • Ready to feed in 10 minutes
  • Good for endurance horses
  • Suitable for all racehorses over all distances
  • High levels of digestible fibre
  • Unmolassed
  • Very palatable
  • Aids rehydration of all performance horses, especially endurance
  • Low in starch and sugars
  • Made by Micronized and Infra-red processed to promote rapid water absorption
  • Ideal for use in hotter/desert climates where water loss is higher
  • Stimulates the gut and improves digestion

Analytical constituents
Crude Protein             8.00%
Crude Fibre                16.00%
Sugar                          8.00%
Crude Ash                  3.50%

Micronised and Infra-red Processed
Unmolassed Sugar Beet

Available Size: 10kg