Aintree E2000 & Selenium

  • Double strength vitamin E.
  • Recommended for racing and competitive work.
  • Improves muscle function and strength.

Complementary feed supplement, suitable for any horse, pony or camel irrespective of age or breed, particularly those subjected to prolonged or repetitive hard work or racing.

  • Vitamin E at a concentrated level is a potent antioxidant and maintains and protects body systems from free radical
  • Selenium is essential due to its role working in conjunction with vitamin E, has antioxidant properties and plays a role in thyroid function.

Double strength vitamin E for improved performance

Aintree E2000 & Selenium is a feed supplement for horses and camels containing concentrated levels of vitamin E &  selenium, which are essential for optimal function of the body systems, in particular the muscles, heart and lungs, as well as the reproductive and immune systems.

Vitamin E is often lacking in the performance horse or camel’s diet, particularly if on a high cereal diet. Supplementation is important for the hard working horse or camel as deficiencies have been linked with reduced stamina, tying-up, muscle degeneration and a compromised immune system.
Selenium is a trace element which works in conjunction with vitamin E to provide antioxidant support. Vitamin E and selenium act as powerful antioxidants, which together help guard against a build up of free radicals in the body which can result in damage to muscle membranes and muscle health. The combination of vitamin E and selenium maintains muscle function and activity in the hard working horse or camel. Each 20g measure contains 2000 IU vitamin E and 0.25mg selenium.

Note: For best results, feed continuously without a break. Do not exceed the quantities shown. Careful consideration should be given to the total intake of vitamin E and selenium supplied by the diet, particularly when feeding in conjunction with a specialist feed. If in doubt about the health or condition of your horse or camel, you should seek
veterinary advice.


Crude Ash                 17.74 %
Crude Protein            9.49 %
Crude Fibre               0.01 %
Oils & Fats                10.62 %
Calcium                     0.67 %
Phosphorus               0.51 %
Sodium                      1.03 %
Selenium                   13.00 mg/kg
Vitamin E(3a700-all-rac-alpha-tocopherol acetate) 100000.00 mg
Sodium selenite(E8-selenium) 28.13 mg

Aintree E2000 & Selenium contains; Whey powder, minerals and a mixture of flavouring compounds

Available Sizes: 1kg & 3.5kg