Aintree E1000 & Selenium Pellets

A high quality pelletised Vitamin E & organic Selenium supplement  formulated to support and improve muscle function.

A complementary feeding stuff containing concentrated levels of Vitamin E and organic Selenium suitable for any horse, pony or camel. It provides essential nutritional components for optimal function of the body systems – in particular, muscular function, control of cellular processes and maintaining integrity of the reproductive and immune systems. This unique combination of vitamin E and selenium, complete with a delivery system for absorption, maintains muscle function and activity in the performance horse or racing camel. Vitamin E and selenium have powerful antioxidant properties, which
can help protect the body from a build-up of harmful free radicals and help maintain normal cellular and muscular function to optimise health and vitality.

  • Vitamin E – A fat-soluble vitamin providing potent antioxidant properties for maintenance and protection of the body’s tissues and metabolic processes.
  • Selenium – A trace element, which is an essential co-factor for the body’s antioxidant defences and works together with vitamin E to maintain health and vitality.

Delivery system – a fat soluble vitamin needs a fat based absorption system complete with natural emulsifiers. This uniform pelletized product contains this unique delivery system for high levels of uptake.

Aintree E1000 & Selenium pellets is a complementary feedingstuff for horses and camels, which provides nutritional support to help maintain cellular and muscular function in animals that are undertaking regular work and can be fed on a daily basis as part of a normal balanced diet.

Note: For best results, feed on a daily basis. Do not exceed the quantities shown. Careful consideration should be given to
the total intake of vitamin E and selenium supplied by the diet, particularly when feeding in conjunction with a specialist feed.
If in doubt about the health or condition of your horse or camel, you should seek veterinary advice.


Crude Ash             8.00 %
Crude Protein       10.00 %
Crude Fibre           8.00 %
Oils & Fats            10.00 %
Calcium                 1.00 %
Sodium                  1.00 %
Selenium               12.50 mg/kg
Vitamin E (Vitamin E50% Alpha tocopherol adsorbate (3a700)) 100,000 IU/kg

Aintree E1000 & Selenium Pellets contains;
Micronized oat groats, Hemp seed meal, Vitamin E50% premix, Soya protein, Dextrose, Vegetable oil, Sipernat humectant,  Limestone flour, Salt, Selenium yeast, Mono phos vitamin C, Mould inhibitor, Fenugreek aniseed, NHDC sweetener

Available Size: 3kg