West Country Christmas Equine Fair 2017

Lillidale was a proud part of West Country Equine Fair 2017 on Dec 2nd and 3rd at Westpoint Arena, Clyst St. Mary, Exeter.

We had stand 203 with our exclusive equine products. Have you visited our stand? Please let us know your suggestions.

Visit the official website of West Country Equine Fair 2017 to know in detail about the events.https://www.westcountryequinefair.co.uk/

Also, visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to know more.

Keratex Cosmetic Hoof Filler

Cosmetic Hoof Filler – Perfect for filling in and smoothing over minor imperfections and blemishes

Keratex Cosmetic Hoof Filler is a foundation stick for hooves which conceals tiny, unproblematic but unsightly cracks and imperfections in the hoof wall. They are ideal for shows and best turned out classes, they are easy to apply and will make ugly blemishes disappear while keeping the area free from germs. These unique easy-to-apply waxy crayon sticks are available in light or dark to match hooves perfectly and they are just ideal for giving the impression of smart, picture-perfect hooves.

Good for:

• Filling in and smoothing over minor imperfections and blemishes

• A smooth and flawless finish for an invisible but perfect appearance

4x 15gm long-life crayons in each tube.

Available Sizes: 60g Dark, 60g Light

Solution 4 Feet

Solution 4 Feet: A Powerful Hoof Disinfectant

Solution 4 Feet is a real breakthrough in hoof disinfection.

Developed by the UK’s first podiatry clinic, Solution 4 Feet combines the potency of natural disinfectant oils and 21st Century polymer technology to give you a hoof disinfectant which is both highly penetrating and provides a sustained release of active ingredients. This means that you have to apply it only twice weekly yet can remain confident that Solution4 Feet will remain effective.

Solution4 Feet uses two natural oils, each one having potent actions against hoof horn problems. However we have found that they work synergistically i.e. the effect of the combination is greater than that of the two oils used separately. Solution4 Feet also contains four powerful modern disinfectants providing both rapid action and sustained release properties.

Solution 4 Feet is unique by combining the natural effects of these oils with the most modern disinfectants and organic matrix stabilizers based on state of the art polymer technology. This produces a product which benefits the hoof by providing both instant penetrative protection and a sustained release action.

Solution 4 Feet also contains a powerful antioxidant and phospholipids; essential to a healthy strong hoof capsule.

Not only that, Solution 4 Feet provides both waterproofing and hydrating effects, helping to keep your horses’ feet nicely supple and able to perform their roles both as an effective protection to the sensitive structures within the hooves and an effective anti-concussive mechanism to protect all the limb joints. Your horses’ feet will resume their natural springiness whilst retaining strength.

Solution 4 Feet contains no formaldehyde or acids unlike some hoof hardeners and other hoof disinfectants and thus Solution4 Feet cannot damage your horses’ hooves.

Solution 4 Feet should be painted onto the whole hoof capsule, wall, sole and frogs at least once weekly. Use a clean toothbrush or stiff paintbrush to apply Solution4 Feet thoroughly ensuring all cracks and crevices are well anointed. Allow Solution4 Feet to soak in; this takes less than five minutes.

When used with Formula4 Feet you are giving your horse the very best. Modern effective hoof nutrition and state of the art hoof disinfection.

A typical hoof found in many stabled horses. Caked on faeces predispose to heel and frog problems.

Available Size: 500ml

TLC Frog Supports

Frog Supports (now available coloured black) are an essential item for every stables first aid kit. When you need them it may be too late to go and buy them. Experience has shown that 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted to the affected feet.

Available Size: Pair

Solution 4 Feet Matrix

Solution 4 Feet Matrix

Solution 4 Feet Matrix: the new effective hoof packing material with strong disinfection properties and an ability to “knit” into existing healthy horn.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is a new product which has proven highly effective at dealing with a variety of horn problems.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is a filamentous keratinous base impregnated with the 21st Century hoof disinfectant Solution4 Feet.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is best used; under the branches of the shoe to pack the white line, in and around the frog, under sole or frog pads, and into any defects in the hoof following removal of infected horn.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is unique, not only in its composition and texture which allows a continual release of active ingredients into the hoof horn with every step the horse takes, but it conforms to the surrounding horn providing support and encouraging the normal function of the hoof. This is particularly important when large areas of horn have been resected either due to horn infection or acute or chronic founder (severe laminitis).

The hoof is able to resume normal function thereby avoiding the hoof distortions which commonly occur following removal of large areas of hoof horn. The new horn is able to grow into a persistently clean environment.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix retains its activity and supporting role to the hoof throughout a normal shoeing interval. Even when used under pads Solution4 Feet Matrix absorbs the “sweat” from the sole and frog and keeps the horn healthy enabling natural exfoliation of horn. The soles and frogs neither become hard and solid with the adverse effects of “locking” the hoof into an abnormal shape nor do they become “waterlogged” leaving a filthy mess beneath the pad.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is oxygen permeable and contains no chemicals such as formaldehyde which damage hoof horn.

Solution4 Feet Matrix allows the hoof to retain its function and malleability during the period of new horn growth.

Available Size : 600gm

Black Tac Heel & Hoof care

Designed to be used on the heels, pastern and frog, Black Tac has turned out to be one of the best possible dressings for cuts, scrapes and scuffs; also excellent for cracked or sore heels. Applied in wet and muddy conditions, it forms a protective barrier helping to counter mud-related problems. A compound ointment of high quality honey and C60 fullerene rich carbon, Black Tac is water soluble and safe to use on all skin lesions.

Available Size: 300gm


For over 35 years discerning horse owners across the world have put their faith in the Lincoln Range of horse and leather care products. With over 100 products we have every aspect of caring for your horse under control.

Horse Care…….trusted by generations

Beauty is but skin deep – or so they say.

From head to hoof Lincoln cares for your horse – gentle shampoos, silky conditioners, healthy hooves, tasty treats and natural nutrition. Products that work in synergy to give a radiant glow that comes from the heart of a healthy and happy horse. With Lincoln in the stable, beauty is never skin deep.

Lincoln – simply the tradition of good horse care every day.

Lincoln’s forward thinking approach to to business is designed to offer customers a range of products that are at the forefront of this rapidly changing market.

Product Range:

  • Coat Care
  • Hoof care
  • Leather Care
  • General Care
  • Nutrition
  • Well Being
  • Treats
  • Accessories
  • Sundries


Keratex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener is a patented, award-winning and  world-famous formula which acts specifically on keratin, the  protein which forms most of the hoof and sole. This unique and  hi-spec blend of ingredients introduces natural strength  and capability to hooves by cross-linking the molecules  within the internal structures of the hooves. No other product on the market can harden and  strengthen hooves like Keratex Hoof Hardener.

Keratex Hoof Hardener helps:
• Brittle, weak and cracking hooves
• Sensitive and soft soles
• Recurrent thrown shoes
• Transition to barefoot
• Recovery from sand/quarter cracks
• Stop existing cracks spreading through the hoof
• Strengthen shod and unshod hooves

Keratex Hoof Hardener’s strengthening qualities have made it a popular choice among horse  owners around the world, and many of the world’s top riders and their farriers use and recommend  this product. Regular use improves the quality and durability of the hooves, aiding recovery  from existing cracks and preventing new cracks from appearing. The formula absorbs right into  the hooves to start working straightaway, so you can be sure that there will be no wasted product,  and that product will not be ‘washed off ’ in wet or muddy fields. It is also an incredibly effective and quick-acting solution for sensitive and soft soles,  making the horse’s hooves stronger and more comfortable in under a week.

Keratex Hoof Hardener can be used in conjunction with shoeing, it can be also be used as a complete  alternative to shoeing, enabling horses to go barefoot. The carefully specified ingredients in Keratex Hoof Hardener ensure that this product is safe and effective and promotes flexibility as well as strength and  hardness. Our customers can use Keratex Hoof Hardener for as long as necessary – whether that’s days, weeks,
months, years or for life. Keratex only makes products which are benefi cial for hooves, so customers can be  sure that their horse’s feet are in the right hands with
us. All of our products are sourced and made within the UK, meaning our products are of high quality and carry all the assurances of the Keratex brand, an established
world-leader in the equestrian industry.

Available Sizes: 250ml, 1L


Hydrophane is a range of equine and leather care products which have been added to Battles’ equine range.

 Product Range:

  • Coat Care
  • General Care
  • Leather Care
  • Leg and Hoof Care

 Product List:

CodeUnitProduct Name
4154500mlHydrophane Ring-O-Cide Shampoo
421465gHydrophane Cribstix
4950500mlHydrophane Saddlers Leather Conditioner
4951500mlHydrophane Bloom White Horse Shampoo
4953250mlHydrophane Liquid Cribox
49561 litreHydrophane Bloom White Horse Shampoo
54331 litreHydrophane Leather Dressing
5440250gHydrophane Protocon Ointment
5442500gHydrophane Protocon Ointment
5443225gHydrophane Cribox
5445450mlHydrophane Cribox Paint
54462.5kgHydrophane Cribox
5447450gHydrophane Cribox
544825 litreHydrophane Bloom Shampoo
5449500mlHydrophane Leather Dressing
5457500mlHydrophane Bloom Shampoo
5459400gHydrophane Tendon Cooling Gel
5465500mlHydrophane Bloom Coat Gloss
5466500mlHydrophane Hoof Oil
5468150gHydrophane Hydrolan
5469500mlHydrophane Insect Repellent
5472250gHydrophane Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap
5473500mlHydrophane Liquid Glycerine Soap
5476500mlHydrophane Saddlers Leather Cleaner
54815kgHydrophane Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap
5487450gHydrophane Lanolised Saddle Soap
5490500mlHydrophane Stainaway
54921kgHydrophane Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap
5501500mlHydrophane Blended Neatsfoot Oil
5502500mlHydrophane Bloom & Groom
55072.5kgHydrophane Event Leg Grease
55121kgHydrophane Event Leg Grease
5513500mlHydrophane Leather Darkening Oil
5521500mlHydrophane Radiance Mane & Tail Conditioner
5522500mlHydrophane Synthetic Saddle Cleaner
7077500gHydrophane Farmyard Louse Powder
7083250gHydrophane Protocon Gold
81862 litreHydrophane Leather Dressing
81882 litreHydrophane Bloom Shampoo
81895 litreHydrophane Bloom Shampoo

Keratex Hoof Gel

Keratex Hoof Gel gives hooves total protection from the harmful effects  of water damage. When hooves are exposed to excess moisture – from muddy/boggy grazing, stabling or  climate – they start to deteriorate and soften. This can lead to hoof breakage, cracks and soft frogs, punctured soles,  thrown shoes and abscesses.

Keratex Hoof Gel will guard against water damage. It provides a safe, fully breathable barrier against  incoming moisture and completely protects the hooves from the damaging effects of excess  moisture by stopping excess water from being absorbed. Used before turn out, stabling or in rainy spells, Keratex Hoof Gel is proven to strengthen  hooves and prevent further water damage from occurring. Once applied, water will form droplets on the hooves and simply slide off , much like rain
off a waxed jacket or water off a duck’s back.

Most problems resulting in hooves cracking and losing shoes are caused by the effects of water and ammonia. Keratex Hoof Gel protects the whole hoof capsule by providing a barrier against adverse environmental influences acting on the integrity of hoof horn.

Normal hoof oils and greases offer little protection against environmental damage. Once they come in contact with ammonia from urine, they become water soluble emulsions which are quickly washed off, allowing both water and ammonia to permeate the horn.

To maintain a healthy hoof capsule, Keratex Hoof Gel allows the horn to breathe. This means that air can pass freely through Keratex Hoof Gel in either direction and excess moisture can be expelled from the hoof, but no water or chemicals can enter the hoof from outside, The function is much the same as semi-permeable cloth used for outdoor clothing, which allows moisture out, but prevents rain from getting in.

Horn does not need extra moisture from external sources as the hoof capsule will take care of that naturally from inside. Constant changes in the moisture content of the hoof will result in cracking during the Summer.

Used as a standard hoof treatment throughout the year, Keratex Hoof Gel will maintain the moisture content of the hoof at the same natural level, rain or shine, Summer or Winter, turned out or stabled in. This is the answer to maintaining hooves in a healthy condition throughout the year. Hooves will naturally become stronger, harder and more able to resist the stresses of shoeing and work.

Because of the waterproofing effect, hooves are easier to clean and dry. Keratex Hoof Gel also contains a natural disinfectant to maintain hooves in a healthy condition.

Keratex Hoof Gel will help prevent snowballing if applied regularly to the sole and frog and immediately before going in the snow.

If you are showing or going to an event, all you need to do is apply Keratex Hoof Gel, let it dry, and then buff it with a cloth to have a super natural sheen on the hooves. Keratex Hoof Gel does not attract bedding, grass and dust in the same way as grease and oil type hoof dressings.

Available Sizes: 500ml, 1L