Vitex 4 Equids

Vitex 4 Equids is an aqueous extract of the herb Vitex agnus castus (also known as Monk’s Pepper or Chasteberry; part of the vervain family of plants. Vitex is a shrub grown widely along the river banks and in the valleys of the Mediterranean and Central Asiatic regions. After flowering in high summer, the plant develops dark brown fruit [similar to peppercorns]. These fruits are dried and are the parts of the plant used in the preparation of Vitex4 Equids.

Vitex4 Equids is based on purified water, with no chemical additives or inclusions and is 100% natural. Vitex4 Equids can therefore be used in competition animals.

Vitex4 Equids is unique among herbal infusions in terms of the quality control procedures used during its preparation. Vitex4 Equids is made in a laboratory licensed under the UK Medicines Acts 1968 and 1971. This ensures an exceptionally high level of quality and conformity; the same quality as is necessary to produce the drugs you are prescribed from your doctor.

Vitex4 Equids can

  • Provide a sense of wellbeing in equids
  • Be fed to older horses particularly those who fail to shed their coats or drink excessively
  • Supplement the diet of stallions and mares during the breeding season.
  • Supplement the diet of aggressive or uncooperative animals

How does Vitex4 Equids work?

A large amount of research on Vitex has been carried out in Germany and according to Dr Rudolf Fritz Weiss, Vitex acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the “conductor of the hormonal orchestra” governing digestion, metabolic rate, reproduction, behaviour, growth and ageing.

It is known that Vitex can support the hormonal balance in horses.

Available Sizes :2.5L,5L