PulmoEase is a natural product developed at our equine podiatry clinic to supplement the diet of horses and ponies.

PulmoEase is a finely powdered mixture of four plant extracts.

PulmoEase should be sprinkled onto the horse’s feed twice daily. PulmoEase has a pleasant odour and taste and is readily consumed by horses and ponies.

PulmoEase can be used on a long term basis with no adverse reactions.

PulmoEase is the first choice product, used at our equine podiatary Clinic, to supplement the diets of horses and ponies which may benefit from its unique nutrients in order to maintain their health.

Administration rate;

Give 64 gms per 450 kg body weight daily, preferably divided between two feeds.

The administration rate can be halved following a successful response, usually in about two to three weeks.

(A scoop contains 45 gms)

Available Size : 1.92kg