Lillidale Virucidal Liquid Concentrate

An extremely powerful virucidal disinfectant containing three biocides for Livestock housing and general farm use.

  • Breaks the cycle of cross infection
  • Eliminates the broadest spectrum of Bacteria, Fungi, Mold and Viruses
  • Provides residual activity
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains three powerful biocides and alcohol to a value of 56%
  • Effective in hard water with up to 10% organic soil load
  • The unique formulation does not permit aldehyde germicide to ‘gas off’ thus holding the germicides on the surface to be disinfected increasing the effectiveness of disinfection
  • Effectively controls Coccidia.



An extremely powerful disinfectant/cleaner/deodorant for disease control in all types of livestock production.



Composition: A unique blend of aldehydes, chlorinated phenols and quaternary ammonium compounds

Colour: Clear Liquid

Odour: Citrus

SG @ 20c: 0.90 – 1.10

Pack Size: 5L, 25kg, 200kg



Toxic in contact with skin and if swallowed.

Causes burns. Irritating to eyes and skin.

Keep away from food, drink and animal foodstuffs.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye face protection.

During spraying wear suitable respiratory protection.




Following a total pre-clean of housing, floors, surfaces and equipment apply Virucidal Liquid Concentrate at a dilution of 1:300.

Apply through either a pressure washer on a low setting with a wide-angled course spray or knapsack sprayer so as to totally drench all surfaces. Start in the roof spaces and work downwards paying particular attention to corners, cracks, seams and porous surfaces. After a contact time of 15 – 30 mins rinse all areas with clean water.

This product is NOT suitable for use in catteries.

NOT suitable for thermal fogging.

FOR USE AGAINST COCCIDIA (EIMERIA): Initial independent trials show 100% kill after 2-minute contact time at a dilution of 1:190.

Trials carried out in Denmark were as follows.

Dilution 1.5% to 2% (3% in severe conditions). Apply by a low-pressure spray after the livestock housing has been cleaned and sanitised 1 meter up against the walls, floors and all surfaces. Leave for two hours before livestock is introduced.


Apply at the following approved dilution rates:-

100% kill after 2 minutes contact time

Hog Cholera 1: 200

Swine Vesicular Disease 1: 200

Foot and Mouth Disease 1: 190

P.R.R.S 1: 190

Pseudo Rabies 1:180

Parvovirus 1: 230

Rabado Virus 1: 180

Brucella abortus 1: 240

Ecoli type1 1: 310

E.coli 0157:H7 1: 310

Haemophilus coryza 1: 290

Haemophilus Pleuro Pneumonia 1: 280

Salmonella 1: 260

Mycoplasma tuberculosis 1: 200

Leptospira 1: 210

Shigella 1: 280

Clostridium (spore phase) 1: 230

Listeria 1: 340

Cryptosporidium 1: 230

Legionella 1: 260

Eimeria 1: 190

Ascaridia Eggs 1: 190

Aspergillus flavus 1: 280

Newcastle Disease 1: 180

Infectious Bronchitis 1: 180

Marek’s Disease 1: 170

Reovirus 1: 190

Gumboro 1: 180