Happy Tummy®


Happy Tummy® charcoal is a feed additive which is different from anything else on the market. Instead of adding chemicals (naturally occurring or otherwise) in an attempt to balance out or treat a problem, Happy Tummy® Charcoal simply removes the cause of the problem!


It does this by adsorbing acidic toxins from the horse’s (or animal’s) system and passing them out in the droppings. The removal of acidic toxins causes a beneficial re-balancing of the acidic / alkaline ratio in the horse’s system. A more alkaline system can then absorb more oxygen so that the horse’s immune system works better.


The end result is an overall improvement I n general health, condition, behavior and performance.


Happy Tummy® is made from pure natural hardwood charcoal harvested from a sustainable source. It is then processed using a scientific method that we have developed. This serves to increase its bioavailability.  Happy Tummy® is then ground to a size whereby its surface area is optimised for equines. It’s important to process it in this way because horses evolved to always be on the move and have quick digestive systems, so benefit most from this form of Happy Tummy®, which has a compatible adsorptive rate. Our charcoal is not ‘activated’. Activated charcoal is a super-adsorbent and is far too strong to use as a feed additive, since it can take out nutrients. It is an industrial product and not suitable as a regular feed additive.


Composed almost entirely of pure carbon, Happy Tummy® is chemically inert and doesn’t catalyse or take part in any chemical reactions. Its value lies in its unique ability to adsorb toxins. There is however, one further benefit which flows from using Happy Tummy® and this is its trace element content.

Being harvested from a semiarid environment the roots of the crop go very deep reaching down into unpolluted groundwater, which carries a host of vital trace elements which are very beneficial, if not vital, to a healthy life. Fed daily at a trickle level, Happy Tummy® provides the foundation for optimum health in equines and all creatures.

Available Sizes: 500gm, 0.9kg, 3.75kg, 7.8kg,24kg