Flexoplast®–Adhesive Bandage

Elastic veterinary adhesive bandage.

Flexoplast is an elastic veterinary adhesive bandage. Manufactured from strong, woven elasticated fabric, Flexoplast is supplied with an adhesive coated outer face to make application easier, particularly for small animals. The bandage has a centre guideline to aid application. Flexoplast is suitable for immobilisation, support and compression bandaging and dressing retention. It is ideal for awkward to dress areas.

  • Strong, adhesive bandage
  • Adhesive coated outer face for ease of application
  • Suitable for compression bandaging and dressing retention
  • Ideal for awkward to dress areas

Product Code                               Description                                    Unit of Sale

7880                                Flexoplast Bandage – 5cm x 4.5m                       12
7881                                Flexoplast Bandage – 7.5cm x 4.5m                    12
7882                                Flexoplast Bandage – 10cm x 4.5m                     12