Formula 4 Feet

Formula4 Feet is the hoof supplement everyone is talking about

Equi Life Ltd, the distribution arm of the UK’s original podiatry clinic, has launched a ‘New Generation’ equine hoof supplement, Formula4 Feet, providing unique benefits for both horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, failure to hold shoes for 6 weeks and weak heels.

Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of the clinic, developed Formula4 Feet in collaboration with Dr. David Frape, the country’s leading equine nutritionist. Mr Eustace is increasingly disturbed by the insidious increase in GM ingredients in horse feeds. He takes the view that the consequences of feeding GM ingredients are unknown and that until extensive research is undertaken, to prove safety both to animals and the environment; it is prudent to avoid such materials


Formula4 Feet Ingredients

25-40% Lucerne meal, 10-24.99% Minerals and Vitamins, Dried yeast (non-viable), <10% Beans, Soya Concentrate GMF, Toasted Soya Beans GMF, Vegetable Fat, Apple Flavour, Antioxidant E321.

Contains no ingredients of animal or molluscan origin. Formula4 Feet is a GM-free supplement.

Formula4 Feet Analysis*

Ash 16.2%, Fibre 10.5%, Moisture 10%, Oil 6.2%, Protein 22.1%

Feeding Rate

Feed 37.5gms of Formula4 Feet per 100kg bodyweight per day

16 Mineralsmg/kg
Zinc (chelated & inorganic)*1,069
18 Amino Acidsmg/kg
14 Vitamins, incl Choline and Inositolmg/kg
Vitamin C7,030
Vitamin H (Biotin)120
Folic acid12
Pyridoxine (B6)2
Riboflavin (B2)100
Thiamine (B1)6
Vitamin D347,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E5,000 IU/kg
Vitamin A20,000 IU/kg
4 Antioxidants
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Nutritional infomg/kg
Neutral Detergent Fibre25
Digestible Energy6.9
Water soluble carbohydrates66
Digestible Energy70%
Metabolisable Energy12.2 MJ/kg
Lipids, Fatty acids> 30 mg/kg
Omega 3 fatty acids5,880 mg/kg

* the quoted level of zinc may be lower than you expect, however, because part of the zinc is in chelated form with up to 30% greater absorption a useable level of zinc in Formula4 Feet is approximately 1,500 mg/kg

 Available Size: 7kg, 20kg

Solution 4 Feet

Solution 4 Feet: A Powerful Hoof Disinfectant

Solution 4 Feet is a real breakthrough in hoof disinfection.

Developed by the UK’s first podiatry clinic, Solution 4 Feet combines the potency of natural disinfectant oils and 21st Century polymer technology to give you a hoof disinfectant which is both highly penetrating and provides a sustained release of active ingredients. This means that you have to apply it only twice weekly yet can remain confident that Solution4 Feet will remain effective.

Solution4 Feet uses two natural oils, each one having potent actions against hoof horn problems. However we have found that they work synergistically i.e. the effect of the combination is greater than that of the two oils used separately. Solution4 Feet also contains four powerful modern disinfectants providing both rapid action and sustained release properties.

Solution 4 Feet is unique by combining the natural effects of these oils with the most modern disinfectants and organic matrix stabilizers based on state of the art polymer technology. This produces a product which benefits the hoof by providing both instant penetrative protection and a sustained release action.

Solution 4 Feet also contains a powerful antioxidant and phospholipids; essential to a healthy strong hoof capsule.

Not only that, Solution 4 Feet provides both waterproofing and hydrating effects, helping to keep your horses’ feet nicely supple and able to perform their roles both as an effective protection to the sensitive structures within the hooves and an effective anti-concussive mechanism to protect all the limb joints. Your horses’ feet will resume their natural springiness whilst retaining strength.

Solution 4 Feet contains no formaldehyde or acids unlike some hoof hardeners and other hoof disinfectants and thus Solution4 Feet cannot damage your horses’ hooves.

Solution 4 Feet should be painted onto the whole hoof capsule, wall, sole and frogs at least once weekly. Use a clean toothbrush or stiff paintbrush to apply Solution4 Feet thoroughly ensuring all cracks and crevices are well anointed. Allow Solution4 Feet to soak in; this takes less than five minutes.

When used with Formula4 Feet you are giving your horse the very best. Modern effective hoof nutrition and state of the art hoof disinfection.

A typical hoof found in many stabled horses. Caked on faeces predispose to heel and frog problems.

Available Size: 500ml

TLC Frog Supports

Frog Supports (now available coloured black) are an essential item for every stables first aid kit. When you need them it may be too late to go and buy them. Experience has shown that 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted to the affected feet.

Available Size: Pair

Vitex 4 Equids

Vitex 4 Equids is an aqueous extract of the herb Vitex agnus castus (also known as Monk’s Pepper or Chasteberry; part of the vervain family of plants. Vitex is a shrub grown widely along the river banks and in the valleys of the Mediterranean and Central Asiatic regions. After flowering in high summer, the plant develops dark brown fruit [similar to peppercorns]. These fruits are dried and are the parts of the plant used in the preparation of Vitex4 Equids.

Vitex4 Equids is based on purified water, with no chemical additives or inclusions and is 100% natural. Vitex4 Equids can therefore be used in competition animals.

Vitex4 Equids is unique among herbal infusions in terms of the quality control procedures used during its preparation. Vitex4 Equids is made in a laboratory licensed under the UK Medicines Acts 1968 and 1971. This ensures an exceptionally high level of quality and conformity; the same quality as is necessary to produce the drugs you are prescribed from your doctor.

Vitex4 Equids can

  • Provide a sense of wellbeing in equids
  • Be fed to older horses particularly those who fail to shed their coats or drink excessively
  • Supplement the diet of stallions and mares during the breeding season.
  • Supplement the diet of aggressive or uncooperative animals

How does Vitex4 Equids work?

A large amount of research on Vitex has been carried out in Germany and according to Dr Rudolf Fritz Weiss, Vitex acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the “conductor of the hormonal orchestra” governing digestion, metabolic rate, reproduction, behaviour, growth and ageing.

It is known that Vitex can support the hormonal balance in horses.

Available Sizes :2.5L,5L


NoMetSyn is a blend of natural plant extracts which has been developed at our podiatory clinic to supplement the diet of horses and ponies.

NoMetSyn is a powder, to be mixed with the feed.

Feed 6.4gm/200kg bodyweight/day for 7 days then 1.5gm/200kg bodyweight daily thereafter.

A 5ml scoop is provided with each tub.

A level scoop holds 1.8gms NoMetSyn.

A 200gm pot will last a 300kg pony 66 days.

Available Size : 200gm


PulmoEase is a natural product developed at our equine podiatry clinic to supplement the diet of horses and ponies.

PulmoEase is a finely powdered mixture of four plant extracts.

PulmoEase should be sprinkled onto the horse’s feed twice daily. PulmoEase has a pleasant odour and taste and is readily consumed by horses and ponies.

PulmoEase can be used on a long term basis with no adverse reactions.

PulmoEase is the first choice product, used at our equine podiatary Clinic, to supplement the diets of horses and ponies which may benefit from its unique nutrients in order to maintain their health.

Administration rate;

Give 64 gms per 450 kg body weight daily, preferably divided between two feeds.

The administration rate can be halved following a successful response, usually in about two to three weeks.

(A scoop contains 45 gms)

Available Size : 1.92kg

Solution 4 Feet Matrix

Solution 4 Feet Matrix

Solution 4 Feet Matrix: the new effective hoof packing material with strong disinfection properties and an ability to “knit” into existing healthy horn.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is a new product which has proven highly effective at dealing with a variety of horn problems.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is a filamentous keratinous base impregnated with the 21st Century hoof disinfectant Solution4 Feet.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is best used; under the branches of the shoe to pack the white line, in and around the frog, under sole or frog pads, and into any defects in the hoof following removal of infected horn.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is unique, not only in its composition and texture which allows a continual release of active ingredients into the hoof horn with every step the horse takes, but it conforms to the surrounding horn providing support and encouraging the normal function of the hoof. This is particularly important when large areas of horn have been resected either due to horn infection or acute or chronic founder (severe laminitis).

The hoof is able to resume normal function thereby avoiding the hoof distortions which commonly occur following removal of large areas of hoof horn. The new horn is able to grow into a persistently clean environment.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix retains its activity and supporting role to the hoof throughout a normal shoeing interval. Even when used under pads Solution4 Feet Matrix absorbs the “sweat” from the sole and frog and keeps the horn healthy enabling natural exfoliation of horn. The soles and frogs neither become hard and solid with the adverse effects of “locking” the hoof into an abnormal shape nor do they become “waterlogged” leaving a filthy mess beneath the pad.

Solution 4 Feet Matrix is oxygen permeable and contains no chemicals such as formaldehyde which damage hoof horn.

Solution4 Feet Matrix allows the hoof to retain its function and malleability during the period of new horn growth.

Available Size : 600gm



Your WeighTape allows you to estimate the weight of your horse or pony either by 1. using a simple length measurement or 2. By using a formula to calculate your horse’s weight.

  1. Use the Horse side of the tape for those animals 14.2 hands high or taller or the Pony side of the tape for those shorter than 14.2 hands.

Position the WeighTape around your horse as in the picture. The WeighTape should lie obliquely from just behind his elbows to over the lowest point of his withers. Lightly tighten the WeighTape around the horse and read the weight from where the green, free end of the WeighTape finishes.

2.  To use the formula:

Place the WeighTape around the horse’s girth and note the length in centimeters.

Then measure the length from the point of shoulder to the point of the buttock (tuber ischii) keeping the WeighTape against the contour of the horse’s side.

The horse’s weight is calculated using the following formula:

Regular use of the WeighTape will help you keep your horse or pony at the correct weight and alert you if his weight begins to creep up. Remember to keep your animal at low risk from laminitis he should be at Conditon Score 2½ to 3.

This means that you cannot see the ribs but should be able to feel them easily when you run your hand along his side. There should be no fat depots along the crest, loins, tailhead or around the udder or sheath. Such depots are an early sign that your animal is developing insulin resistance and becoming at high risk of developing laminitis.

Available Size : Each