A unique range of supplements, proven in the toughest environments by the toughest customers, packed with balanced levels of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and key neutraceuticals to maintain the welfare of your horse.

Pamela Kinslow MSc, a highly experienced, independent equine nutritionist, is the specialist behind Equizest. Subsequent to research done with the Animal Health Trust and Professor ‘Twink’ Allen of the Equine Fertility Unit, Pamela holds a Masters Degree in equine nutrition and physiology and continues to be involved in ongoing scientific studies and trials. But as an owner and rider herself, Pamela also has a true appreciation of what is important to owners as well as being thoroughly committed to the well being and health of the horses and ponies themselves.

Scientifically developed; their value established at the top end of the Thoroughbred industry, Equizest products are free from any substances prohibited under FEI or Jockey Club Rules and contain no animal products or excessive levels of potentially harmful micronutrients.

Whether needed for general support or a specific problem, Equizest supplements are all about providing a true nutritional advantage to help improve the condition, overall health and performance of your horse or pony. Formulated to supply significantly higher but scientifically balanced levels of top grade vitamins, minerals and amino acids to meet optimum rather than maintenance requirements.

  1. E-Plus 4000
  2. Endurance Plus
  3. Maximal Stud Balancer
  4. Muscle Ease
  5. PH-T Powder and Herbal Liquid
  6. Pro-Conditioner
  7. Pro III Boost
  8. Pro-Calm Powder
  9. Solulyte

Note: Equizest products are not sold by Lillidale in the UK.