Keratex Hoofcare is a family-run business which began with the creation of our flagship product, Keratex Hoof Hardener, in 1991.

Dr John Irving MBE, PhD, C Eng, Fraes founded the business based on his idea for Hoof Hardener in Wiltshire, UK. He successfully patented the product, and Dr Irving was at the helm of the business until he passed away in 2011. The Keratex range has grown well over the years and still continues to expand with an ever-increasing global network of suppliers.

Keratex Hoofcare is based in the stunning Wiltshire countryside. It comprises three offices, a 4000sq ft Keratex product distribution centre and an equestrian area nearby.

Keratex Hoofcare’s founders combine a keen interest in all things equine with a firm background in science.

The Keratex Hoofcare product range has grown and developed by working through common problems and issues relating to horses’ hooves and finding solutions using experience, science and technical knowledge. All of our products are scientifically proven to work and are vet, farrier and rider endorsed. We have worked closely with the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on our products.

Since its inception in the 90s, Keratex Hoofcare has become a household name in the equine industry and now has a worldwide market as a brand leader in equine hoofcare. Keratex Hoofcare is one of the leading global product ranges in the hoof care industry today with a reputation for hi-tech, revolutionary products and formulas.

Their products have been used in many previous Olympic forges, and are used and recommended by world-renowned Olympic farrier Ian Hughes.