Day Son & Hewitt is one of the longest-standing, famous and most trusted equine brands. Established in 1840 it remains at the forefront of equine care. The product range includes high quality nutritional supplements, coat and hoof care products.

Throughout the Middle and Far East, Day Son and Hewitt are well trusted by owners, vets and trainers alike. Over the years sales of many of our products have grown significantly in the exciting camel racing industry resulting in Day Son & Hewitt becoming a leading supplier to the camel sector.

Day Son & Hewitt remains at the forefront of nutrition, coat and hoof care for horses and camels using expert nutritionists to constantly improve and update products. Due to the ever increasing difficulties with banned substances faced by trainers, vets, jockeys and owners we now NOPS test every individual batch of supplements.

Note: Products are not sold by Lillidale in the UK